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Welcome to Camp Ray-Ray!

Camp Ray-Ray was named in memory of Raymond Peņa, Barb Johnson's foster son. Raymond was a vivacious, busy, beautiful boy. He grew and grew in the loving hands of Barb. She taught him to eat, care for himself, talk, love people, socialize and love God. He had a passion for cowboys, horses, and Garth Brooks; people quickly loved him and he loved life itself. He thought God made the mountains just for his pleasure. Ray and Barb often visited St. Malo. They hiked, relaxed, visited and enjoyed the splendor. When he died at 4 years, April 15, 1994, Barb decided to create a Camp in his name. She wanted other children and families to enjoy the things he did and just enjoy being together.

The first Camp was held Memorial Day weekend in 1995. It was a huge success. None of the organizers could believe that we actually pulled it off! About 15 families and 15 volunteers attended the first Camp. We had a great time but as many of you remember it was FREEZING cold - rainy and snowy. Knowing the unpredictability of Colorado's weather, we changed the following Camps to Labor Day Weekend in hopes of getting better weather. With 2011, we have moved Camp to the weekend following Labor Day in order to keep the good weather while securing a great new location at YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch! 



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